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Posted by BiPolarBeat - September 7th, 2019

Well i made a discord, there's only going down from here :/

Come join, I might even do some streams and stuff.



Posted by BiPolarBeat - April 21st, 2019

I hate to do updates but here we go

I have a new alias/artist name

its øbae, it doesn't mean jack but its a lot more grown up then my past nick. (Once I save up some money I'll get NG supporter and change it, until then I don't really care about it)

The social stuff

I have a Facebook page and also a website (which I'll use when my next stuff is out,its an LP wink wink). You can follow me there but also on my Soundcloud page. I also have an Instagram page where I rarely post anything due to me moving to another city, and having another artist name (not that I had any publicity to begin with). I am in the phase of learning live performances, not just DJ sets, but also building up sets so that it doesn't sound like it's one song for 1-2 hours.

My creative process and my style

Finally I managed to find a style and I'm so confident in it, that I started a full-scale project (commonly known as an LP). I achieved this by changing DAWs. I used to use FL Studio, and it's a great DAW, it gets things done and works wonders out of the box. What I had issues with is when you add some external stuff it starts to fall apart a bit. My main complaint was the problem with bouncing out clips delay by one sample and it can screw with your transients big time. The other was the (plugin) delay compensation, when I sidechained a track which had some delay compensation, it negated the compensation and stuff were out of sync. Now I use Live, It's not perfect, but the playlist and the track management is more logical and fits my style of work.

"new" LP (name pending)

It's not really new, it's my first one to be frank. It's a neurofunk-based experimental LP. Don't want to give much away but the first track is 9/4 and 181 BPM.

Also publishing wise, I'm thinking of going independent. It makes sense for me since It will be (or at least try to be) experimental (mainly I try to avoid 4/4 and get away with it, also do some interesting arps and stuff). CD baby looks like the best thing right now, but still have to do a ton of research.

Note that It probably won't be DJ friendly (but this gives me more creative freedom)

yeah so there's that, watch your levels, stay tuned



Posted by BiPolarBeat - April 25th, 2018


It's only four track as opposed to the planned 6 but hey that's the best I can do.

I hope you'll like it!


Posted by BiPolarBeat - March 30th, 2018

The EP will be delayed yet again due to personal stuff.

Posted by BiPolarBeat - November 3rd, 2017

I've done my annual windows reinstall, and I've lost my album folder.

Thank god not all have lost, I have some really basic back up on my google drive, I still have my project files, I only lost the FLACs and MP3s. I also got my album art back in .svg (vector format) so there's that.

This will post pone my EP because I have to re-do a lot of stuff (also I'm stuck on one song so that's not helpful either). 

But on the flipside I have about 1.8TB of storage in total, unfortunately not redundant as of now. I am planning on a raid configuration, probably just a stupid raid 1 with 2-3 drives. Either that or just a subscribtion to google drive because it is worth it.

So remember kids, do your homework, eat your drugs, dont do vegetables, and back up to a cloud service and do it better than me.

See ya L8R